Dangerous Road Signs and Markings

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Current Situation

In this page are images which are inconsistent with the guidelines given in the relevant statutory manual and the Police Driver’s handbook, known as Roadcraft.

Eastmayne Basildon leading towards Nevendon Roundabout

Since the extension of an extra lane and easing the flow of traffic, this current signage is still from the previous lane layout. The signage should sate “London A127 & Wickford” as the lane number 1 now also leads directly towards Wickford A132.

Long Riding heading towards town centre

The road signs are erected in the wrong order. The first hazard is the junction on the left, then the roundabout appears. This layout has been in existence for quite a number of years. The signs need to be reversed in the correct order.

Cranes Farm Road, Basildon towards Laindon/Upper Mayne

The far right hand lane on Cranes farm road past Miles Gray road on the right, has a road arrow marking stating “straight ahead”. Yet the metal signs on the offside states a “right turn only?” Surely this is confusion for the motorist!


Southend Road Wickford

Signs erected in wrong order of priority. There is now a new puffin crossing before the mini-roundabout. So Essex Highways and Transportation, please re-arrange the signs in the correct order.
“Signs now corrected as were erected in the wrong order. Thank You!”

Southend road, Shotgate, Wickford leading towards Rayleigh and Southend

Warning signs erected to warn the road user of impending hazards ahead. The first hazard is the bend approaching on the right. This is indicated with the chevrons pointing towards the right hand side. The roundabout appears after the bend. Yet have a look at the way the warning signs are positioned. The roundabout sign takes precedence over the bend sign. It should have been erected the other way round!

Section 1.68 Traffic Signs Manual, Mounting Signs “Where two …warning signs are to be erected together the sign relating to the hazard first encountered should be placed upper-most.”

This sign has now been replaced in the correct order. This was done in April 2012.


High Road North, Laindon, Basildon SS15

As can be seen from this sign, the bigger black arrow gives priority to on-coming traffic. There is nothing wrong with that. however, on the reversal of the pole, you see the wordings saying “Give Way to oncoming vehicles” Section 1.4 “Uniformity of signs…is not enough….signs without uniformity in use is objectionable…could impair road safety.”

The sign has been reversed so that it relates to giving correct priority to on-coming vehicles.


Laindon Link Heading Towards Mellow Purgess, Basildon SS15

As can be seen another anomaly with the warning signs. If you look in the distant, the first hazard is the Zebra crossing then followed by the mini roundabout. The way the warning signs have been put up clearly shows

Roundabout first, then Pedestrian crossing

This has now been reversed in the correct priority of on-coming fixed hazards.


Bramston Link / Way. Basildon SS15

If a motorist or any other road user comes off the roundabout from West Mayne towards Bramston Link, you see a warning sign for a roundabout. However, if one approaches from Bramston Way towards Bramston Links the sign is for a mini roundabout. Clearly this is not a mini roundabout. section 1.4 “Uniformity of signs..” would apply in this case.

This sign has now been corrected.


Church Park Road, Pitsea, Basildon SS13 (Opposite Rectory Park Rd) Maintenance of Signs

Section 1.73 of the Traffic manual states “Signs must at all times be maintained so as to preserve their original effectiveness and general condition.”

Clearly as can be seen, this One – Way sign has seen better days. There are drivers with poor eyesight who might not be able to make out the exact wordings underneath the road sign. This sign is in dire need of replacement.

This sign I am pleased to say has now been replaced.

Damaged Road Sign. Whitmore Way, Basildon.

This sign once use to be for a roundabout (mini). Due to a road traffic accident, this sign was badly damaged. Since then it has not been replaced. Although there are road markings to say that it is a mini roundabout, it becomes too late for your average motorist to see. This sign needs to be replaced to inform motorists of the hazard approaching.
“Sign now erected to inform road users of a mini-roundabout junction”

Tesco, Pitsea (Tesco Stores Is On The Second Exit Right Of The Roundabout)

Again, a typical scenario. As you can see in the picture, a pedestrian zebra crossing takes precedence before the mini roundabout. Have a look at the signs, and what order should they appear?

Priority of hazards now corrected. However, the pedestrian crossing warning sign has been hit by a high sided vehicle, causing the sign to tilt to the left. The tilted sign has now been corrected.


Roundabout Intersecting Lanhams, Tenterfields, Mayfair Ave, Pitsea Basildon

Where are the signs for chevrons and the directional white arrow with a blue background? Only poles to be seen!

The council have now added chevron signs to indicate the roundabout.


Pitsea Road, Basildon.

This sign warns the motorist or any other road user about the roundabout. Quite a way back, again there is a roundabout warning sign. So far so good. A road user needs to be warned about a fixed hazard. But, just before the mini roundabout, there is an uncontrolled crossing. A Zebra crossing. This crossing is used extensively as there is a school nearby – The Basildon Academy.

A warning sign in order of priority would be nice. A Warning sign showing a pedestrian crossing and then underneath, a warning sign for the roundabout.


Pedestrian Crossing At Craylands Estate.

This sign says that there is a pedestrian crossing coming up soon. When in fact there is no official crossing of any kind whether controlled or uncontrolled such as a Zebra crossing. What was needed was a wanring red border triangle with an excalamation mark. Underneath the sign would say the words to the effect of “Pedestrian crossing.”


Southend Arterial Road Heading Towards London A127.

The warning signs are placed in the wrong priority. The first hazard that a road user encounters is a set of controlled crossings and then the roundabout. This has been the situation for many years now.


Speed Monitor Radwinter Ave, The Wick, Wickford.

This speed monitor although not a road sign, is still there to remind motorists, bikers that it is a built up residential area which is a maximum speed of 30 mph. This has been brought up by the Wickford Police Neighbourhood sheme to the local council. This is because the speed monitor does not work. It has been out of action for quite a number of months.

I am pleased to say that a new Speed monitor has been replaced with a much stronger green display.


Ashlyns Roundabout.

The sewn off lamp post is still in existence at Ashlyns in Basildon. An email was received on 14th October 2010 that a job would be raised to remove this post.

The sawn off post is a feeder post and supplies electric to the post next to it. Essex Highways have now placed a safe plastic covering (on top of the post) to reduce the risk of a vulnerable road user who may come into contact with the pillar.

See Newspaper Article

Brentwood Road, Ingrave

This sign is on Brentwood Road just after Common Road, Ingrave CM13. On the lamp post there is a repeater sign of 50mph. Within a short distance there are two mandatory signs of 30mph. A typical motorist would have to brake quite significantly to bring their speed down from 50 to 30mph. Please remove the repeater sign. It is not needed. Let the motorist or road user focus on the 30mph signs.

Eastmayne Roundabout

This roundabout on Eastmayne leading to Chalvedon, Pitsea and Vange forms into 3 lanes. The lanes are quite narrow, especially the middle lane. This makes it difficult for a car or van to successfully manoeuvre the vehicle if the left door mirror is not checked. The risk of collision is greater if one over steers to the left. How many motorists do check their mirrors these days?

There is enough land on the left which is useless. The lanes can be widened making the flow of traffic easy and less of a risk. This is a busy roundabout especially during peak hours. Lets do something about it Essex County Council.


Upper Mayne Basildon

The signs change to National Speed which is a maximum of 70mph. However, the acceleration lane leading onto the A127 London bound is restricted to 40mph. Towards the Fortune of War chicane there is a speed camera as a deterrent to speeding motorists. The National Speed sign should be replaced with a 40 mph speed sign.


The Avenue, Brentwood

The Avenue, Brentwood. The first hazard is that of a pedestrian crossing. There is no pedestrian crossing. A Warning sign is needed, with the words “Pedestrians crossing”


Dunton Road, Basildon

This national speed sign on a single carriageway is inappropriate due to two blind junctions. One is located just after the sign on the left of Lower Dunton Road and the other is about 70-80 yards on the right . The road narrows just after the national speed sign. I urge the Council to reduce the speed limit to 40 mph for safety reasons. We have flash floods and torrential rain. This can increase the risk of skids due to human error of speeding. This stretch of road is unsuitable for the National Speed limit sign.